Celebrating Awesomeness (?) 
The Day the Dancers Came
Bienvenido N. Santos

This story reminds me of my being once being a fanatic towards celebrities. Like Fil, I sometimes felt the feeling that when my favorite celebrity visited my place, I would feel a certain excitement as if they were visiting to the place just for me. And then I would find myself waving at them as if, again, they were just waving at me. Only to find out that I was just among several others they were waving at. This scene in the story gave me the articulated realization but this sentiment. And that was why I could relate to the story’s main character.

Anyways, to keep the discussion going, I observed the Filipino-ness situation in the story: migration and diaspora by Filipinos. Fortunately, I am the assigned reporter of this particular short story so I could just state further reaction in the class. But of course, for note’s sake, I should state the hmmm.. theme of the story, if one should accept: alienation, migration, diaspora

homesickness. It was evident in the story that Fil was just another Filipino living in a foreign land who missed his hometown, just like other Filipinos now. That was why he was kind of excited when he knew that Filipino dancers were to visit near their place. Perhaps to at least enliven his being a Filipino. And he was enthusiastic in hoping that the dancers might really visit his place and give them a real big entertainment, too hospitable. :)